Developer's Guide

Quick and Dirty Developer's Guide
(a.k.a. how to install)

To compile and run saya, you're gonna need:
  • The GCC compiler suite (See note 1) - For Windows, use the automated MinGW installer.

    Special note for Windows users:

    Assumming you've installed MinGW on C:\Mingw:

    Go to "My Computer", "Properties", "Advanced Settings", "Environment variables". On the system variables, add "c:\mingw\bin;c:\mingw\mingw32\bin" (without quotes) to the variable "Path".

    Add the following variables (all variables and values are without quotes) :

    • "LIBRARY_PATH", with value "C:\MinGW\lib"
    • "C_INCLUDE_PATH", with value "C:\MinGW\include"
    • "CPLUS_INCLUDE_PATH", with the following value (wrapped for display purposes):


  • The Qt library, version 4.4.3 or later.

    For GNU/Linux, just download it from your distro's repository.

    For Windows, download the "Qt for Open Source C++ development on Windows", available at

    At the time of this writing, the latest version can be found at

  • The Code::Blocks IDE (11/Nov/08 nightly preferred, or version 8.02 minimum), located at Please don't install until you have installed and configured MinGW (also see note 1).
  • 7zip, for extracting some of the above files.
  • The GetText binaries, libraries and dependencies (Win32 only), located at

    To install, libintl3.dll (in the binaries archive) should go in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32, the developer files should be extracted (with full path) under the MinGW main folder.

  • A subversion client. Install subversion on GNU/Linux, and TortoiseSVN on Win32.

  • Finally, to compile Saya, you need to tell Code::Blocks where Qt is located. Use the "settings","global variables" main menu. Add the qt4 variable, with the following fields:

    For GNU/Linux:

    Base: /usr/share/qt4
    Include: /usr/include/qt4
    lib: /usr/lib

    For Windows:

    (To be updated - sorry)

The SVN repository

The SVN repository at sourceforge can be accessed at the following address:
(make sure you're using https in there, not plain http)

If you don't have a username yet, skip it. There's no problem, but you won't be able to commit any changes.

Full Developer's Guide, Windows Version

(WARNING: Some paths and URLs may have changed since the publication of the guide. Remember: Google is your friend)

The Windows version of the Developer's guide is available on Sourceforge as pdf. It covers everything but the installation of 7zip.

Download Saya Developers' Guide for Windows users

Full Developer's Guide, GNU/Linux version

(WARNING: Some paths and URLs may have changed since the publication of the guide. Remember: Google is your friend)

The GNU/Linux version is also available on Sourceforge as pdf.

Download Saya Developers' Guide for GNU/Linux users

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