They say there's no such thing as bad publicity. I hope these plain, ugly screenshots of our pathetic attempts to make a GUI might motivate you to join the team.

Current Version (under development)

Main Window with playback controls and an image opened from the resources (taken Apr 30, 2011):

New version of the playback controls (taken Dec 10, 2010):

Earlier Screenshots

These early screenshots can show you how Saya has been maturing over the time. Just don't stare at her, she's shy :P

Main Window with playback controls (taken Nov 28, 2008):

Main Window using SDL for rendering (taken July 27, 2008):

"New Project" dialog (taken Feb 27, 2009 on SVN revision 241):

"New Project" dialog (taken May 31, 2008):

Main Window using wxAUI (taken May 22, 2008):

Main Window using wxAUI, undocked version (taken May 22, 2008):

Basic "File" Menu (taken May 17, 2008):

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