The Team

Rick Garcia (rick_777)

Role: Project Leader

Experienced in C++ since 1999. Wrote his College Thesis on PPM Data Compression with suffix trees. Rick had worked on PHP for various companies, making his own (proprietary) MVC framework. He contributed to Brian Lozier's template engine featured in a article entitled "Beyond the Template engine".

His favorite computer topics are code analysis and optimization, Javascript and HTML5, multi-tier programming, multithread programming and programming patterns. In 2005 he joined the Code::Blocks IDE development team. Among his tasks were a stage of optimization for the code completion plugin, the inclusion of the "Open Files list", and the organization for the conversion to Unicode.

In 2007, he ditched Windows for PCLinuxOS, and contributed with various articles to the forum. Later he switched to Debian.

His interests in multimedia are making Anime Music Videos, which led him to start searching for a viable video editing solution in GNU/Linux.

His dream job is to work for Google developing *THIS* project (hey, I can dream, right?)

Contact info:
r i c k (insert a point here) g 7 7 7 (insert that curly "a" here) g m a i l (insert another point here) c o m

New developers (currently on trial period):


Past developers

Lubomir Dobrovodsky

Role: Developer
Professional Java programmer, with good C++ skills. One of his ideals has been programming a Video Editor.

Ivan Perales (Nopalin)

Role: Developer
Joined the project on: May 5, 2008
Left the project on: August, 2008.

Wrote parts of the New project dialog.

J.C. Barker

Role: Developer
Joined the project on: May, 2008
Left the project on: August, 2008.

Contributed with valuable wxWidgets knowledge during the first stages of the UI design.

Jeff Fortin

Role: Advisor/consultant; Beta-tester
Left the project on: 2009.

Jeff contributed with the website and beta-testing. Currently he's working on a OpenShot, a similar project written in Python.

Rigoberto Calleja

Role: Developer

Rigo has been a great friend and supporter; He had to leave the project around 2009 to pursue a successful career.

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